8. December 2006


Fritz Pölking

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography can be Photo-journalism,

Art, Picture Hunting, Science

or Manipulation  


Life within nature is the present

and for that reason it is more suitable

then just about anything else

to be captured with the medium of photography.


The wildlife/nature photographer with his/her camera

is able to do this quickly, correct, nuanced and



We need original, non-manipulated photos in order

to get an appropriate picture

of life within reality.


Only true photos of wildlife/nature show us

what a grand spectacle life really is – and only true

pictures of nature show us the fascination of that moment

 within nature in its entirety.


A true picture of nature can not be manipulated (pc),

but has to be  the result of a search for reality

within a specific moment.



Leopardess with her daughter (3 months old)
Mara , Kenya



In Kenya I followed a leopard mother for many years with my camera. I was able to take pictures of all of the children she bore during that time.


My favorite picture among many that turned out nicely about this family is, without a doubt, this picture of her first daughter – we named her Beauty – while she is jumping in her mother ' s face.


Only the camera could capture what was happening between mother and daughter and only wildlife/nature photography can present us with and visualize perfect moments from life like these for us.


Everyone who has a cat themselves and is familiar with their behavior will look at this picture with great pleasure. By no means is the daughter attacking her mother.


She is in fact attacking with a clearly visible open mouth, with menacing fangs and whiskers enormously standing on end, but at the same time she has her ears set in a highly meek fashion and with that she proclaims her attack as nullified.


The leopard mother knows this, of course, which is noticeable through the friendly way her ears and whiskers are set; and her glance can be interpreted as: child – a little less wild maybe?


* * *