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Leopards are large feline mammals widely distributed through Africa and Asia, generally having a tawny skin covered with black rosette-like markings. Adult leopards can reach almost two metres in length with a tail half as long again.

Fernales often give birth in a hole in a tree where the cubs will remain while their mother is away hunting. Mother and cubs can stay together up to two years. A litter is usually between four and six.

Leopards are carnivorous and hunt mainly at night, but when big game is scarce will eat fieldmice, porcupines and even fruit. They are extremely agile and when hungry will often climb trees to catch a monkey.

In this book, lavishly illustrated with stunning photographs, the author tells of the leopards history distribution, habitat, diets, social struetures and its relationship with man.

Fritz Pölking has been photographing nature für more than forty years and is one of the most respected and admired wi1d1ife photographers in the world. He grew up with a fascination for the songbirds that nested in the garden of the family home in Krefeld, Germany and these kindled his interest in photography.

He began his professional career specialising in European wildlife and built up a remarkable photographic library of the osprey. Subsequently he has travelled the world amassing a collection of over 30,000 stunning images of wildlife.

Fritz Pölking's work has been widely published in books and magazines including, National Geographic, Geo, Der Stern and International Wildlife. His pictures have won a string of awards in Germany, the United States and Great Britain, including the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This is his 25th book.

Through his website, he regularly publishes articles about nature photography on the internet.

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