A nature photographer is someone who is unhappy
 if he can not go out to nature to take pictures.

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"What to do?" says Zeus......

What to use…. film material or chips – 
analog or digital photography?

Use whichever is more fun for you.

If you like working with a computer, then use chips and create digital data files.

If you would rather not work with a computer so much, 
use conventional film material and create slides or negatives.


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You have a problem?

There is an author in Great Britain with the name of Christy Brown, 
who wrote 5 books in a decade, among them the best seller called "A barrel of life".
He has been paralyzed and in a wheel chair since childhood, 
only able to write with the little toe of his left foot and
 the help of an especially constructed machine.

What did you say was your problem?

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Will artificial intelligence have fantasy?

Do you think that the silicon intelligence that may exist in about 30 years 
within our computers will have the ability to imagine that there is life 
that exists in a body of flesh........??
.........that eats other life forms and has a stomach which digests them.....???



The basics of work in Nature photography

  1. The intellectual dimension strives for truth.
  2. The aesthetic for beauty.
  3. The moralistic is orientated on the good.
  4. The spiritual dimension strives for the feeling of unity.

The seven factors which lead to success:

  1. a clear conception of what one wants
  2. a strong trust in ones own perspectives
  3. goal - orientated concentration
  4. stubborn consequence
  5. emotional determination
  6. keeping the right course
  7. the ability to already enjoy yourself while on the way
  8. to question ones technical, biological and artistic possibilities 
    as well as photographic abilities, to constantly work on them 
    and to try and bring them to the next level.
  9. Self-criticism, self-criticism, self-criticism

What is the sense of this life behind the camera?

To bring the picture as an emotional document of nature
onto a visionary level.



Well yes, if I had suuuch equipment, I too would be able
to take fantastic pictures.


Not only Shirley McLaine was born again.
Here you see me in my former life as a
photographer of weddings, in my studio
in the year 1736 in Seattle.

There is no greater compliment for a wildlife photographer,
than when the animals they are taking a picture of, fall asleep
right in front of him.


They have dedicated their life's work to subtly
capture the beauty of nature in photographs.

A car sticker on Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park, USA

In the woods exist mysterious creatures,
which do strange things.



          Nature Photographer have a tendency
          to credit their successes  to their
      intelligence, their knowledge
and their experience;

     they also have a tendency to  blame
   their failures on accidents and fate.



Scientists have observed 200.000 Ostriches for a period of more
than 8 years. Not one of the Ostriches stuck its
head into the sand during that time.


Confucius already wrote: In comparison to wildlife
photography everything else is nonsense.


The camera in our hand saves us from the uncomfortable
question to ourselves just what the devil we are doing in
Sweden or Eastern Africa anyway......

Hard working wildlife photographer ................ tripod or fivepod?

* * * * 

 Wildlife Photographers - the modern day saints ?

Number one priority for the members of the German Association of 
Wildlife Photographers (GDT) is their great respect for life
 in photographing. It is manifested in their business statutes.

In Belgium, hundreds of thousands of caged chickens
 are shoved into incinerators, alive, because other ways of killing 
them are too expensive.

France is in dire need of new crematories 
for more than a million heads of beef a year.

* * * 

What percentage of people love photography?

You only need a camera to just snap pictures.

In order to photograph, you need a camera and a tripod.

You take snapshots in order to capture the moment for memory.

You take picture because you love this medium, 
which can be art, truth or documentation.

I did a little test at St. Bartholomew, on the photogenic "Königssee":

Of 1.000 visitors, about 400 had cameras with them.... 
one of them a tripod.

Provided that intelligence and consciousness 
are not of mystical origin,
we will more
  than likely be able to build conscious and 
intelligent computers
within the 
next 50 to 100 years.


Should I get a little money,

I will buy books with it.

Then if I have some left,

I´ll buy food and clothing.

Erasmus von Rotterdam


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