Here you can find, from time to time,
a new contribution from the experien-
ces of wildlife photography:
from field work, technique, theory
and other problems.


Happy meal
Food for Thought on Nature Photography

The good old times
From the early days of wildlife photography

Fairy tails or reality?
Pleasure in the real thing

A look at a camera-system
The Canon EOS-1 in Nature Photography

Sharp Photographs

Captions für Slide Labels

About lens bridges and tripod props

Time Management Within Nature Photography

From Kenya:
From the life of a mother and here nine children

From Belgium:
Take pictures with respect an heart

...and there are miracles from time to time.  

Februar 2001
Nikon or Canon?

January 2001
Suggestions for the future

October 2000

August 2000
A simple motif..

July 2000
Photo project MASAI MARA

March 2000
A telephoto-zoom 200-600 mm

February 2000
Anatomy of a Photo Series

January 2000
Air travel and x-ray

December 1999
On the way to work

June 1999
The Snow Leopard - almost never photographed

May 1999
About Batteries and the Power Consumption of Modern Reflex Cameras

December 1998
Calling with camera and tent on the emperor penguins

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